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The Therapist

Michael Shay BS (physical education and health), MS (psych), Counselor Ed. Endorsement, LMT, MFRT, CST, CNA, CNC (certified nutritional consultant), Energy Medicine/Healing, Electric and Teishin Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Bach Flowers, Nutrition/Diet, Cold Laser and Ultrasound, phone and Skype optimal wellness consultations for many conditions

I received my BS from Southern Connecticut State College in 1970 in health, recreation, and physical education with a minor in psychology. I continued my education in psychology and earned an MS in 1974 and Counselor Education Endorsement in 1975. I worked as a Guidance counselor at North Haven High School in Connecticut from 1974-75 and for institutions working with emotionally handicapped populations from 1975-82.

I am a certified practitioner of Axiatonal Process taught by Janet DiGiovanna (1987), MariEl Healing (1984, adv 1986), Integrative Awareness (IA) 1986, CranioSacral Therapy (2001), Touch for Health (1986), Barbara Brennan four day workshop (1990), Traditional Reiki-advanced practitioner (1991 and adv 1993), and Tera-Mai (TM) Reiki Master (1995), John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy level one (MFRT) in March of 2012, and various types of kinesiology (1984-1987). I completed my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) from Indian Hills Community College in 2009.

I graduated from Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy in 2011 and became a Licensed Massage Therapist, (LMT). I have specialized training in Special Needs Populations, Oriental Bodywork Therapies (Chinese Shiatsu and Acupressure), Integrated Reflexology and Myofascial Massage. I completed a continuing education course in Teishin acupuncture level I in February of 2013. I graduated from NHC (Natural Healing College) in June of 2015 and became a CNC (certified nutritional consultant). I completed a CranioSacral Therapy and Alzheimer's Dementia workshop (May of 2019). I completed a trigger point CEU course in January 2021.

I also utilize electric acupuncture as well as Teishin acupuncture. I use Bach Flowers and Gem Remedies in my practice. I also use MET (muscle energy techniques) for hypertonic muscles. I sell practitioner quality nutritional supplements: Systemic Formulas, Biotics Research, Cell Core Formulas, Gaia Herbs, Pure Encapsulations, Thorne Research, EuroMedica, Life Extension products, liposomal supplements, and many more. Nutritional Information Consultations by phone and Skype. If you are in Fairfield, I can see you in the office. Future education: continue courses in Teishin Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, and Myofascial Therapy. I taught massage therapy at Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy in Fairfield, IA for three years. I have written the book, Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally (pen name: Michael Arluck Scheinbaum), published by Xlibris in July 2005. I am currently writing a book on reversing diabetes. I have taught classes and given lectures on natural healing around the United States. I have been on Debra Ray and other radio talk shows. I use an integrative approach to health and wellness utilizing specific aspects of many modalities that fit the client's needs. You can email me at: reducebloodpressure@yahoo.com